The Apprentice Formare Project is an iniciative of Iochpe Foundation, a non-governmental organization which is focused on making changes through education. The activities are developed in association with mid-size and large size companies that offer vocational studies. The students are young people that live under vulnerable social conditions.


The main goal is to turn the company into a school - which means learning while practicing, facing the daily challenges and exploring the knowledge of each company.And who could be better educators than the company’s employees? The collaborators work willingly, sharing their expertise and promoting a mutual professional qualification process. The volunteers training and the didactic material are both provided by Iochpe Foundation. 


Formare Project strenghtens a new and promising education approach: not only preparing professionals to the labour market, but also individuals that can handle obstacles and competition at work. In 2009, SYL becomes a part of this history. Our first group of students had math, computer science, metrology, technical design and many other classes. 


Beyond the education, the company also offers transportation, food, groceries and medical assistance and dental care. Currently, we have 16 students at our company. Since our first group, many of them were hired after the graduation.

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