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SYL is certified by Inmetro Ordinance #301 (July 21st, 2011) that refers to the evaluation of car parts. Our company also operates according to the requirements and methods described at Ordinance #55 (January 28th, 2014) that refers to friction materials for vehicles brakes. The regulation demands that this kind of material has to present the quality seal. It intends to reduce and avoid car accidents.

The brake system is an important safety item. Friction parts as brake pads and shoes suffer natural wear, so they have to be examinated frequently and switched when necessary.

ISO 9001:215

SYL also has the ISO 9001:2015 certification that refers to the Quality Management System. This evaluation considers sales, finances, marketing and communication, storage and logistics. This helps during the process of taking decisions. The regulation requirements are about customer service, communication with the suppliers, collaborators training and even the manufacturing process. The idea is assuring a better experience not only to the final costumer but to all professionals envolved.

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