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SYL’s history is intertwined with the history of the man behind the company. That’s why we’ll start by telling who is Avraham Gelberg. Our founder is most known as Avi and was born in Haifa, the third biggest city in Israel. He got graduated in mechanical engineering at Technion University. In 1989, he moved to Brazil after meeting his wife, Denise.

In Brazil, Avi got into a corporate group that works with car parts and railway systems called Iochpe-Maxion S/A. He was an executive at Iochpe Foundation - an institute that develops social programms focusing at professional education. In 1996, Avi created a little group that would become SYL. The first brake pads and shoes import was made from an office at Adolfo Gordo Street, in São Paulo. After five years, the stock was relocated to Souza Lima Street and the office went to Vitorino Carmilo Street. By this time, the group started to import many other car parts, like: brake discs, clutches and dampers.

However, the brake pads were still the most popular products. As a result of the increasing demand, in 2001 Group SYL purchased a factory in Sorocaba, São Paulo. This is when we started producing our own brake pads. By the end of the first year, SYL already made around 10 thousands brake pads sets every month.

SYL started to become what it is nowadays. In 2003, the production

reached 60 thousands sets monthly and the company ended the

import activities. After that, the company started to produce brake

shoes too. Our success history begins. SYL is noticed by the market

thanks to high quality products and a strict process of manufacturing.

The month production goes to 200 thousands brake pads sets in

less than five years.

In 2008, we got a new industrial complex with broad and modern

facilities. After that, the production capacity reached the impressive number of 300 thousands brake pads sets monthly – leading SYL to the top of brake supplies market in Brazil.

Currently, our factory produces almost 500 thousands brake pads sets every month. Beyond this, we arrived at the global market. We operate in many countries in Latin America, Middle East, Europe and North America. 

SYL is constantly making investments so we can have cutting-edge technology and excellent raw materials to fabricate high quality products. Our goal is making even better car parts, assuring satisfaction to our clients and keeping an ethical relationship with our partners and collaborators.

Producing brake pads and shoes is much more than just making car parts. Safety is our priority.


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